Marc Escanuelas

According to British Customs, I am unemployed and homeless. That about covers it!

I turned 30 in December 2011 and decided on a whim to take a trip around the world. I left a little over a month later on a one-way flight to Bangkok with no plan other than a long list of places I wanted to visit. Since then, I’ve been to 19 countries and am still going strong. To answer the most frequent questions: No, I’m not lonely and No, I’m neither tired of traveling nor homesick yet. I’ll be writing about a lot of different topics related to travel and even if you’re not planning on a trip anytime soon maybe you’ll keep them in mind for the next time. Even better, maybe you’ll impulsively buy a plane ticket!

My hobbies include saying filthy things to guys on Scruff that I never intend on meeting and playing chicken with oncoming traffic. I frown on wheeled luggage and the color yellow. I’ve dived to 33 meters in the warm waters off Koh Tao, climbed a cliff to 20 meters in Rai Leh and walked 130 steps below the streets of Paris to wander among stacks of bones and skulls in the Catacombs.

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